Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1: How does BodiHeat® Work?
A: The main ingredients of BodiHeat® are iron powder, water, and activated carbon. When you open the pouch, these ingredients are exposed to oxygen in the air that starts a chemical reaction, commonly known as "oxidization." Water, activated carbon and other ingredients accelerate the oxidization and it generates heat, while the iron powder turns to rust!

Q2: What is a low temperature burn?
A: Low temperature burns can occur when a certain amount of heat contacts your skin for a prolonged time, especially if you have sensitive skin. It may cause reddish areas or blister skin. In order to avoid low temperature burn, follow these instructions on the package:

  •  Do not adhere directly to the skin.
  •  Remove BodiHeat immediately if it becomes too warm or uncomfortable.
  •  Use supervision when using BodiHeat on the elderly, children, the physically disabled or handicapped individuals.
  •  Do not use on infants, frostbite, desensitized skin or while sleeping.

If you get a low temperature burn, cool the area of burn with water or a wet towel for at least 30 minutes, and consult your doctor.

Q3: Can I use expired BodiHeat?
A: The expiration date is the manufacturers guarantee period that BodiHeat works properly as indicated. Expired BodiHeat may have shorter duration of heat or lower maximum temperature. If BodiHeat hardens, it will not heat.

Q4: I put BodiHeat in the laundry.
A: If the pouch is not broken, you can just throw it away. If the pouch has opened the ingredients will not dilute in the water and are not hazardous. Throw away the contents.

Q5: How should I dispose of BodiHeat?
A: You can dispose of BodiHeat with regular trash, heated or unheated.

Q6: How should I store BodiHeat?
A: Please store BodiHeat at room temperature. Make sure that the plastic pouch will not get damaged, since it may start to activate.

Q7: What if BodiHeat gets wet?
A: Excessive moisture may cause BodiHeat to not activate properly. Small amounts of moisture, such as sweat, should not affect the performance.

Q8: BodiHeat is too hot. How can I lower the temperature?
A: Please try BodiHeat over a thicker layer of clothing.